Application Requirements


We comply with all Fair Housing Laws and use HUD guidelines in all aspects of our application process. We screen one application at a time, and always accept the first fully qualified prospect.

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How to Apply

Apply online using the specific property link provided in the listing, or one that has been emailed to you. If you need technical assistance, please contact our office for assistance.

Please complete everything thoroughly. Failure to provide any requested information would deem the application incomplete and therefore will not be screened.

To process your application, we must receive the following:

    • RENTER PROFILE: Complete, e-verified application for each adult (18 years and older) who will reside in the home.
      • REFERENCES: 2 personal, 2 professional, and 2 current and/or previous landlord contacts
    • FEE: We are not charging application fees at this time.
      • BACKGROUND CHECK: Identity will be verified , including a national and state criminal check, eviction search, sex offender registry.
      • CREDIT REPORT: Detailed credit history, including all loans, debt, late payments and overall score. We will not accept credit reports provided by applicants, we must run our own screening at the time the application is submitted.
    • PROOF OF INCOME  (provide one):   A) Most recent 2 months paystubs or direct deposit receipts. B) Letter of hire/offer letter.   C) For self employed or retired individuals, a copy of your last two years income tax returns are required and copies of your two most recent bank statements, business and personal. You may simply upload these records into your online application, or email to
      • We screen pets in the same way we screen people! Use the link below to provide us with your pet’s most updated information. It will create a profile for them that helps determine the risk/liability they pose to the property, and if we’ll accept them.
      • Please note, not all properties allow pets. Certain breed restrictions could apply.
      • Pets require an additional deposit and may also require pet rent.

Service Animals- These are different from pets. A service animal is equivalent to prescription for those individuals with medical needs or a disability. Reasonable requests for a medically necessary animal will not be denied. We use the same petscreening website, with a service animal waiver code at no cost, to confirm the request.

We Look At:

    • It is unlikely that we can rent to you unless your score is 650 or higher. Know your score before you apply.
    • Scores of 600-649 may be approved conditionally at owner’s discretion and may require an additional deposit or requirements.
    • If your score is below 600, we cannot rent to you, even with a co-signer or extra deposit.
    • All information showing on the credit report is subject to verification, including previous address and place of employment.
    • Negative or adverse debt and/or being 90-days late on any debt within the last 3 years will result in denial.
    • Applicants with an open bankruptcy, however, will automatically be denied.
    • Credit reports supplied by applicants will not be accepted.
    • One year of verifiable (non-family) rental history or home ownership is required.
    • Positive reference from current/previous landlord required.
    • Evictions, small claims suits and/or collections by any previous or current landlord will be cause for rejection.
    • Families/couples must be able to prove a combined monthly income of at least TWO times the monthly rent.
    • Roommates must prove their income to be at least TWICE the rent amount EACH.
    • Food stamps, child support and SSI can be counted as income as long as it is verifiable.
    • Criminal history is evaluated as part of the application process. Since each applicant has differing history, we cannot give a hard fast rule of how each individual’s determination will be made until we have the complete profile.
    • Denials are made for people who present a real risk of being able to live up to the rental agreement- which could include any conviction for a drug related or violent crime, and applicants on the sex offender registry.
    • Cohesion Properties reserves the right to deny applications based on any conviction reported on a background check.
    • Co-signers are sometimes accepted in the case of students without verifiable income, or individuals with limited income or means.
    • Some housing we represent accepts Housing Authority contracts- please ask before applying.