welcome matAbout Cohesion Properties

Cohesion Properties has decades of experience managing properties and is family owned and operated in Boise, ID. We pride ourselves in keeping things local and independent, as well as in giving back to the community we are so fond of living in.

Why Choose Us?

We are different than other management companies. We’re a mom-n-pop company with “skin in the game.” We’ve been in your shoes because we ARE in your shoes- we manage our own properties, too! We know how to treat both home owners and tenants with respect, and will know you by a first name basis. You are NOT a file number, you are NOT a paycheck. If you sign with us, you’ll soon become like family.

***We are a small company and focus on quality over quantity. Due to this standard, at this time, we are only taking new properties from our current clients and partnerships we have with preferred realtors. If you are interested in realty services, please contact Corby directly at corby@boiseturnkey.com or calling 208-957-0870***