Pricing and packages

No hidden fees, no complex formulas. We appreciate when folks are up front with us, so we are up front with everyone we work with.

A la carte (no management, just a one-and-done service):

****This service is currently on hold*****

Leasing agent- $199.00 (What do I get with this service?)


Management services:

Meet and greet/consultation- FREE!

Contract initiation/start up- FREE!

Tenant screening/placement/orientation- FREE!

Subsequent tenant placements under continuing management contract- FREE!

Single Family, duplex, multi-plex- 9%/monthly rent (what do I get with this service?)


*We require a $200 maintenance reserve per door, held in trust, for minor repairs and cost covering. We provide monthly itemized statements of all debits, credits, and balance info line by line for your records.