Leasing Agent

Let us deliver you a qualified and responsible tenant.

Do you know best practices to comply with the Fair Housing Act? Are you nervous about using a lockbox, wouldn’t you prefer an agent on site during all your property showings? Is your lease reliable and legally reviewed? Our leasing agents will take your property from start (pictures and advertisement) to finish (tenant placement and walk through), you take the reigns from there! Here is a basic summary of what you’ll get for a one time fee of $199.00.

  • listing your property
    • Signage in the yard with contact info
    • Advice on staging to help showcase the best qualities of your rental
    • Pictures of your property
    • Ad written and published on numerous websites
  • rigorous tenant screening that complies with Fair Housing guidelines
    • online application for quick access to anyone, anywhere in the world
    • detailed information including employment history and income, personal and professional references, pets, email and phone contacts
    • rental history
    • local and national criminal full background check
    • detailed credit reports and score
  • placement and orientation
    • Legally binding lease signing, digital copies same day to both owner and tenant, hard copies within 3 business days to owner.
    • Walk-through to orient the new tenants in person.
    • A confident agent will set a high standard of expectation for a new tenant (we’ll be the stern ones, setting the stage for future interactions).
    • Deposit, fees, and first month’s rent collection- handed over immediately to you.